Kateri Tekakwitha Church

Kateri Tekakwitha Church

Mission of Saint Kateri Tekakwitha welcomes Christians and those who seek to connect to Christianity in the Gesgapegiag area.

We aim to make contact with and encourage others to join us in our life-changing Christian journey.

Mission of Saint Kateri Tekakwitha in Gesgapegiag, Quebec is a friendly Christian community where we welcome others to join us in our worship and service to God.

Our vision is to make an impact for God, here in Gesgapegiag, Quebec by helping people understand the enriching messages of eternal hope given to us by Jesus Christ through His words and deeds.

Everyone is welcome, no matter your age, beliefs, or background. Come just as you are – we’d love to get to know you better..


Take some time to visit our newly renovated Gesgapegiag Kateri Tekakwitha Church. This teepee shaped church is the only one on the Gaspe Peninsula displaying some of the most beautiful Micmac artwork around