Relais de la Cache

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Relais de la Cache

The building located in the heart of the Gaspésie, on the road to the Gaspésie Park, is well known to hunters and snowmobilers who stop there to eat or refuel.

The facilities were bought in the fall of 2016 by the Mi’gmaq community of Gesgapegiag. During the winter, the activities were limited to offering gasoline, in collaboration with the Community Development Assistance Corporation (CFDC) of Haute-Gaspésie.

But since then, the site has been restored. It will now provide accommodation, food services and gasoline.

The Mi’kmaq community has developed a five-year strategic development plan to invest and stand out in the tourism industry.

Councilor Ronnie Condo also explains that the acquisition of La Cache relay reflects the traditional right of the Mi’kmaq to occupy the Gaspé territory.

Gesgapegiag wants to keep La Cache in service 12 months a year, 7 days a week.

Relais de la Cache

If you like the backwoods and mountainous landscapes, you might be interested in visiting Le Relais de la Cache just off of Route 299. We offer furl, Lodging and hot meals. For more information you may contact Joshua Bradstreet/Operations Manager by email at or by phone at 581-886-0254